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Flute Lamination Machines
Flute Lamination Machines
TMB-E Semi-Automatic Flute Laminator

Performance of the machine
● TMB-E Series Semi-Automatic Flute Laminator adopts vacuum-sucking paper conveying type for the bottom paper and top paper fed manually by hand with manual feeding above the vacuum sucking unit. This type of design makes the paper feeding more faster compared with TMB-C type semi-automatic flute laminator, labor effective, low purchasing and production cost while remaining the features of easy operation and maintenance. However, this type of machine can not do 5 ply(3 to 2 ply) lamination.
●The core designed rubber roller together with knurled steel roller enhances the evenness of gluing, strength of stickiness, as well as lowering the production cost.
● Balance-tested rollers, tight assembling technique makes the machine runs quite stable.
●The machine adopts automatic glue supply and recyclable glue circulating system.
●Top or bottom sheet detectors are installed on the machine and the machines will automatically stop while shortage of sheets—either top or bottom one is detected. The electric parts used are all world wide available brand or well-known Chinese brand.
●All material bought from outside are inspected according to ISO-9001 standard and the key parts such as bearings are imported ones.
●The bottom sheet for this machine can be A, B, C, E, F flute corrugated sheet. It can do 3 or 5 ply board to sheet lamination. The range for top paper can be 150-450 GSM with top paper advance or alignment function.
Model TMB-1300E
Max. sheet size(W×L) 1300 x 1300mm
Min. sheet size(W×L) 300 x 350mm
Max. speed 95m/min
Total weight 3856kg
Total power 6.9kw
Dimensions(L×W×H) 10400×2080×2620mm
Model TMB-1450E
Max. sheet size(W×L) 1450 x 1450mm
Min. sheet size(W×L) 300 x 350mm
Max. speed 95m/min
Total weight 4150kg
Total power 8.7kw
Dimensions(L×W×H) 10400×2230×2620mm
Model TMB-1700E
Max. sheet size(W×L) 1700 x 1700mm
Min. sheet size(W×L) 300 x 350mm
Max. speed 95m/min
Total weight 4640kg
Total power 10.5kw
Dimensions(L×W×H) 13200×2480×2620mm

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