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Welcome to visit our website! Please kindly accept my warm welcome and sincere appreciation on behalf of Yutian Shengtian Printing and Packing Machinery Co., Ltd.
In 1996, I came to Yutian from Shenzhen, with the help of friends, I accompanied with Shengtian for twenty years. Here, I want to use this web-site to say Thanks to all of our friends and our employees.
"To meet customers’ needs and expectations" is always in the guide of our work. It is also under the help of our customers that the quality of our product was able to be improved, our market share can be enlarged. "Timely and quality service as well as bring value-add for customers" is our constant promise. What we have done in the past is not enough, My team and I will work hard on it continuously. Your comments and advises are warmly welcomed here.
We will study timely and try to master the trend of modern technology to enhance our diathesis and accomplishment so as to make our due contribution to meet our customers’ needs and requirements.
Thanks again for your visit! Also sincerely hope that you can give us valuable advice.
Thank you!

Yutian Shengtian Printing and Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.
General Manager: Ye Liming

About Us

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Flute Lamination Machines

Automatic High-speed Flute Laminator
STM Automatic Flute Laminator
STMT Automatic Flute Laminator
Semi-Automatic Flute Laminator
STMT-W Semi-Automatic Multi-ply Flute Laminator

Film Lamination Machine

FMCY-F series Automatic Thermal Film Laminator With Powder Removal Function
SGF-1100C Automatic Drying type Water-based and Thermal Film Laminator
FMY-E Automatic Thermal Film Laminator
FQ-1100B Automatic Sheet Separator
SF/SCF-C Automatic Water-Based Film Laminator (SCF-series has powder removal and open-window function)
JSF-1100D Web-fed Water-based Film Laminator


Production Equipment

Tel : 0315-5051007 / 5051008
Service Tel : 13903151509
Sales Tel : 13703343719
Fax : 0315-5059168 / 7679292
International Business : 86-315-5051006 / 7679290
E-mail : sales@ytshengtian.com.cn
Web : ytshengtian.com.cn
Add : Changsheng Street,The Economic And Technological Development Zone, Yutian County Hebei Province P.R.C.

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International Business
86-315-5051006 / 7679290