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Die-cutting and Creasing Machine
Die-cutting and Creasing Machine
MX/MQ Series Lower sucker/Leading edge Automatic Full Stripping and die-cutting Machine

Performance of the machine
1. MX-QP series full stripping and die-cutting machine is a special equipment for the die-cutting and creasing of color cartons and boxes.
2. The paper feeding part adopts the conjugate cam mechanical transmission to ensure stable running. Adopts unique pressure-free leading edge (or lower sucker) feeding device to ensure the paper compression strength, and achieves non-stop paper feeding.
3. Paper transfer using high-power servo-driven, and equipped with curve trajectory to ensure accurate paper in place. The paper feeding step is adjusted without stopping the machine, and the photoelectric tracking is adopted.
4. The key components such as the bottom platform, moving platform, upper upper platform, and machine body are cast from high-strength ductile iron and processed by a large-scale imported machining center to ensure stable die-cutting pressure and save plate-ready time.
5. The main drive adopts the precision worm gear and worm pair and the designed crankshaft ball bearing connecting rod mechanism, which has the features of low noise and long service life. Worm, worm gear and crankshaft are CNC grinding. Ternary gear combination driving is durable.
6. The gripper bar is made of special super-hard aluminum alloy materials, with anodized surface, strong rigidity, light weight, and small inertia. Adopt imported chain to ensure the machine running accuracy. The pneumatic clutch is stable and fast, and the pneumatic locking plate is convenient and fast to operate.
7. Stripping part :A. Adopts upper, middle and lower three frame quick clamping device with center positioning system (standard mold is interchangeable and compatible) . B. The upper frame is controlled by motor and worm self-locking reducer to ensure that the upper frame will not fall off after lifting, and it is easy to align the lower needle by inching. C. The upper, middle and lower frames are driven by Cam Link, no chain, no maintenance, and the steel sliding block is embedded in the wear-resistant copper sleeve, no need to be replaced for the whole service life.
8. The front striping It is convenient for plate loading. The rear opening gripper adopts pneumatic and pressure spring locking device and uses pneumatic lifting structure for paper raking. When stripping with gripper margin, the paper rake lifts automatically without interfering with the stripping of the gripper margin. When stripping without gripper margin, the paper rake falls off directly. No operator is needed to enter the machine.
9. Non-stop secondary paper delivery improves the working efficiency. The whole stack delivery and count delivery are available for choosing.
10. The electric control system uses the high-resolution touch screen for human-computer interaction and a remote operation and maintenance can be added.

Model MX1500QP
Max. Paper Size 1520×1200mm
Min. Paper Size 550×450mm
Max. Die-cutting Size 1500×1180mm
Appropriate Paper ≤9 (Corrugated board)
Gripper Margin 12-25,(Standard) 15mm
Max. Working Pressure 400T
Max. Machine Speed 5500s/h
Total Power 40KW
Air Source Pressure 0.55-0.7/>0.6 m³/min
Overall Dimension 10970×5800×2900mm
Total Weight 37000Kg
Model MX1700QP
Max. Paper Size 1720×1200mm
Min. Paper Size 550×450mm
Max. Die-cutting Size 1700×1180mm
Appropriate Paper ≤9 (Corrugated board)
Gripper Margin 12-25,(Standard) 15mm
Max. Working Pressure 400T
Max. Machine Speed 5000s/h
Total Power 40KW
Air Source Pressure 0.6-0.7/>0.6 m³/min
Overall Dimension 10970×6000×2900mm
Total Weight 38000Kg

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